What Companies Are Saying About Cognosco Learning:


“Excellent Courses–worth every dime.”

-Brad Jones

Sheppard Corporation





“It is different from all the other courses I have been to. The course does not try to fit everyone into one mold, but works with people as they are. The trainer’s energy and enthusiasm were fantastic! Made it so much fun! Great Program! So glad I came! The trainer was fabulous!”-Kristi Holladay

Waddell & Reed






“The training was entertaining, clear and focused on satisfying our needs and questions. Interesting, useful and important concepts.”

-Marcy Sullivan
Bank of America






“Definitely a noncommercial, no-pressure learning experience that I would recommend to anyone seeking better communication and influencing skills.”

-Michelle White
General Binding Corporation





“Interactive communication and discovering self-empowering language, very helpful. I really got a lot out of the way I look at things and how to change my emotional state and mood. It is so very true.”

-Courtney Craft
MIX 98.5 FM




“I will use these skills to better select my marketing approach and behavioral style with each legal partner.”

-Robert Provencher
Lawyers Weekly






“It was the first interactive presentation for sales that I enjoyed and did not put me to sleep. The content was great.”-Joan Antaya


Boston, MA



“The trainer made the day very interesting and explained the concepts in simple terms.”

-Edward Connelly

Morgan Stanley