Cognosco Learning Is Making A Difference With A Billion + Change.

“Boston, MA Cognosco Learning, is a Boston-based learning, consulting, and publishing firm. Cognosco Learning combines authoritative content with innovative technology to assist individuals to learn more efficiently and to become empowered human beings. The company is making a difference with A Billion + Change Initiative. Cognosco Learning, which is one of the pledge companies on the A Billion + Change platform delivers courses, content, and books, grounded in behavioral psychology, linguistics, communication models, on a pro bono basis to non-profit organizations.”

“A Billion + Change founded in 2008 when more than 150 top corporate government and non-profit leaders met at the White House for The Summit on Corporate Volunteerism to identify the benefits to companies of providing pro bono and skills-based services. The initiative was led by a group of visionary activists like Aaron Hurst, formerly of the Taproot Foundation, and the Chair of the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation, Jean Case.”

“To meet clients changing needs, Cognosco Learning customizes content with books, electronic books, study guides, video, and assessment tools with printed materials. Adaptable to any curriculum and instructor,  their solutions are convenient and flexible to use as a stand-alone tool or in conjunction with printed books.”

“At Cognosco Learning, their tools and content will keep you on the cutting edge of all that the digital and print worlds have to offer, with innovative, custom-made solutions that make teaching and learning not only more effective but also more enjoyable. At Cognosco Learning,  you’ll discover leading learning solutions that you will need to navigate your own course.”


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