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Cognosco Learning is an education, consulting, and publishing firm positively impacting individuals and organizations for over 25 years. We are consulting experts, advisors, world class teachers, and coaches. Our main goal is not just to be your advisor and business coach, but to give you fresh and valuable ideas to assist you and your company to compete at the highest levels. It is impossible to give meaningful advice without understanding your company and employees. One of our areas of expertise is enhancing human effectiveness and human performance. We empower organizations by empowering their people at the deepest levels. At Cognosco Learning, you will discover leading learning solutions, that you will need to navigate your own course.

Move your learning forward

Give new ideas

Our main goal is not just to be your adviser, but to give fresh and valuable ideas to assist  your company to grow and develop.

Investigate business in detail

It is impossible to give effective consultations without understanding your company.  

Deep analysis

Every company needs to be deeply analyzed so that our business consultant can understand what the company needs in order to provide solutions.

Cooperate with people

Business consulting means listening effectively, and providing solutions to create a win-win outcome.

Hiring educated professionals

Our team consists only of true experts, who are committed to excellence.

Communicate with world's businesses

To understand today’s business and economic environment,we constantly study the latest business trends.

Think about people

We believe companies are as only as good, as their employees. Therefore, providing new learning opportunities to your employees will make the difference.

Light the way of top businesses

Each of our experts have a broad business knowledge, and who are committed to excellence.

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Business Etiquette

Inner Game For Athletes

Leadership Coaching

Team Building

Our Blogs

Establishing Your Brand

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What is stopping you from believing in the business of your dreams? Insecurity? Fear? Lack of confidence? All of the above? How …

Thousands of people dream of having their own business and even more so be a successful entrepreneur. But what does it take …

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Live high impact teaching and coaching in a classroom by Cognosco Learning Instructors

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Our Instructors will teach and coach you remotely in the convenience of your home or office.

On Demand Learning

We offer video on demand for all of our courses, which will allow you to take any course, anytime, and anywhere.

Online courses

Budget And Managing Money

Building Your Self-Esteem

Customer Service

Student Review


Financial planner Waddell & Reed Wakefield, MA.

“It is different from all the other courses I have been to. The course does not try to fit everyone into one mold, but works with people as they are. The trainer’s energy and enthusiasm were fantastic! Made it so much fun! Great Program! So glad I came! The trainer was fabulous!”

Kristi Holladay



We were impressed by the quality of work and expertise of Cognosco Learning. Cognosco discovered the main challenges that our sales team was experiencing. They provided us with a customized high impact in-house training and coaching program. The results of the coaching and training program was impactful to our sales team and organization.

Paul Roberts


Sheppard Corporation Worcester, MA.

“Excellent Courses–worth every dime.” Highly Suggested their instructors are so Co-operative and friendly! Great time out there and learned Alot. Many Thanks!

Tina White

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