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Business Etiquette

Price: $395

Fear of embarrassment of doing or saying the wrong thing is one of the most common sources of stress in a business setting. If you have had some awkward moments when you were not sure which fork to use or where to put your napkin, this is the course for you. If you have ever had to make “small talk” with some VIP and have been lost for words, you know how agonizing such moments can be. In this conversational half-day course, you will learn the specific skills that will allow you to become effective at networking, introductions, and using your business card prudently. You will learn how to dress appropriately for every occasion and how to use the arts of language and non-verbal communication to build rapport with anyone in only a few shorts minutes. You will learn how to feel more comfortable when dining in business or formal situations and how to be more confident in your business communication

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