What is the content?

Cognosco Learning courses and content are grounded on behavioral psychology, linguistics, communication models and the study of human excellence.

Our focus is enhancing human effectiveness and human performance. We have worked with and for, Fortune 500 Companies and Government Agencies in the areas of leadership, sales, management, influence, negotiation, and motivation. We have researched long and hard in the areas of psychology, education, creativity, negotiation, influence and communication skills.

*We provide interactive and participatory learning and consultation in seven primary areas:*

  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Influence
  • Motivation
  • Negotiation
  • Leadership
  • Team Building

Who facilitates the courses?

Cognosco Learning has trained and developed some of the best instructors in the nation. Our instructors have worked with and for any Fortune 500 companies. They teach the courses in an easy to understand and entertaining manner.

What is the structure of the classes?

Cognosco Learning offers a highly interactive and superior learning environment that allows students to enhance their individual effectiveness and performance.
The courses involve instruction followed by demonstration, experimental exercises, role-playing and one-on-one coaching through skill practice sessions.

Need assistance evaluating educational needs?

We do needs assessment. If you have a challenge that you think our content can solve and are not sure what you need in the way of specific courses, we can assist you in conducting a needs assessment. We will consult with you to evaluate your current situation, assist you in setting learning objectives and recommend practical result-oriented courses that will meet your organizational needs. At Cognosco Learning, you’ll discover leading learning solutions that you will need to navigate your own course.