Parent Effectiveness Coaching $195.00—1 Day Course
1 Day Course: In this course  you will learn that high levels of self-esteem are important to our children and that healthy self-esteem is your child’s shield against the challenges and onslaughts of life.
In this powerful and effective training course, you will learn and understand that our self-esteem is a vault of beliefs about ourselves and our self-perceptions. As a great philosopher once said, “Our beliefs can be chains or wings.” The way we define ourselves directs and controls our behaviors, values and motivations. In this course, you will learn that kids who have high levels of self-esteem and feel great about themselves have an easier time handling challenges and happily achieve. In contrast, kids who have low levels self-esteem and don’t feel good about themselves have a more difficult time with life’s challenges and under-achieve. As a parent, you have a responsibility to your kids and to the world to promote high levels of self-esteem within them. In this course, you will learn effective strategies to instill high levels of self-esteem in your kids. You will learn effective strategies to create deep levels rapport and communicate more effectively through non-verbal communication and language patterns. You will learn the power of presuppositional language, so you may influence your kids with integrity to create win/win situations.

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