Personal Development

Inner Game For Athletes

Price: $395

Whether you are a high school athlete trying to make the football team or a college track star wanting to break your 4 minute mile, this intensive one-day training course will provide you with powerful tools, strategies and distinctions to assist you in reaching your athletic potential. You will learn strategies on how create states of Confidence, Composure and Concentration at will. You will learn how to deal with doubts, worries and negative emotions that get in the way of performing at your peak level. You will learn how to use imagery, sub-modalities, language patterns, relaxation and zone states, so you may be able to perform more consistently in the athletic arena. You will learn how to destroy the limiting beliefs that have been stopping you from going to the next level. In addition, you will gain a better understanding of why you may react or behave in certain pressure situations and how to improve it. This course is also great for the personal trainers who are committed to helping their clients with the mental game of fitness.

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