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Neuro-Linguistic Skills & Techniques for Attorneys

Price: $1245

The key to successful interactions with judges, juries, clients, and colleagues is the ability to communicate effectively, creatively and influentially. Think how much better your interactions would be if you were elegantly and easily able to: Establish and maintain deep levels of rapport, both verbally and non-verbally with judges, juries, and clients; understand and utilize the inter-relationship between thinking, feeling, language patterns and behavior; access and “anchor” states of excellence and resourcefulness in yourself and others.

Identify others decision strategies and convincer patterns and create well-formed outcomes for yourself and others; present arguments and summaries to judges and juries designed to engage and convince based on convincer patterns and decision strategies; construct and deliver powerful metaphors that engage listeners at deep levels of consciousness. This two-day, intensive training course will give you the skills and strategies you need to become a more effective lawyer.

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